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Studies show benefits of yoga ball chairs, and how some are better than others

The effects of using a stability ball chair in place of a traditional office chair is well studied, and results have shown both advantages and disadvantages. However, most of the disadvantages found by studies, such as this one conducted by Cornell University, are flawed.

How are they flawed?

The biggest drawback is the lack of lumbar support offered by sitting on an exercise ball in place of a chair. However, ball chairs do have lumbar support. To avoid any lower back pain or discomfort, avoid sitting on a stability ball that does not have adequate support for your lower back.

It’s not that the Cornell study is wrong; it’s that the tests were conducted using an exercise ball itself without any lumber or arm supports.

Choose¬†ball chairs with frames — particularly those with lower-back support — anytime you plan to use the chair to sit for prolonged amounts of time.

Other research has found ball chairs to be beneficial in many ways. For example, found that exercise ball chairs promote improved posture and balance.


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