Tips for First-Timers

"How To" guide to owning a ball chair

5 essential tips for first-time exercise ball chair users

If it’s your first time using a ball chair at your home or office, there are a few things you should know. Here are some quick tips to ensure the transition between office chair and stability ball chair goes smoothly.

1. Give it some time

There’s an adjustment period that will last at least a few days and as long as two or three weeks. Your core muscles will need to adjust to the change, and this is a good thing. It means your posture will improve, your leg muscles are getting improved blood flow, and your lower back is becoming stronger.

2. Get moving

Take frequent breaks from sitting. Sitting for long periods of time in any type of chair is horrible for your health. The Mayo Clinic points out that sitting all day increases your risk of heart disease and other cardiovascular issues by 125%! The beauty of using a yoga ball chair is that it promotes  movement in your lower body and allows you to get up and move around more frequently.

3. Fill ‘er up! …but not too much

Put the right amount of air in it. This sounds pretty self-explanatory, but it’s very important to inflate the ball according to the manufacturer’s psi recommendation. An exercise ball that’s overfilled may develop lumps or even spring leaks. An under-inflated ball won’t give you the support you need and may lead to back pain or discomfort.

Extra tip: Wait 24 hours after the first inflation to adjust the ball’s psi. This breaking in period allows the ball to fully expand and stretch. You may need to add air at this point. You can then adjust the psi to reach your desired firmness.

4. Keep a pump on hand

Most fitness ball chairs come with a small hand or foot pump you can use to fill it. While these pumps typically aren’t the most efficient for inflating a brand new ball, they work just fine for quickly firming up a ball that has lost a bit of firmness. Keep a pump in your office desk or somewhere nearby in case you need a little boost.

5. A chair that multitasks

Take advantage of the fact you have an exercise ball beneath your bum that’s available to do all kinds of great exercises anytime you have a spare few minutes. A few of these include exercise ball crunches, leg lifts, back extensions. There’s a great list of fitness ball exercises over at Greatist and Mayo Clinic. Make sure to take your ball off the chair frame, or lock the wheels, before doing any exercise.

Extra tip: Get your coworkers to join in on your daily fitness ball workouts. It’s a great teambuilding strategy, and you’ll feel more comfortable doing the exercise as part of a group.

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